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BORDEAUX, March, 2006 - The name appears on millions of bottles of wine, one would almost forget it is also the name of a town in France.  The place is crowded with cathedrals, statues and other monuments that remind you of its great history and cultural importance.  The city became rich some centuries ago thanks to the two rivers 'Garonne' and 'Gironde', as overseas ships from many continents used the port for trading.  Nowadays the port has lost its importance, but the name of Bordeaux did not lost its prestige, thanks to the sweet gold... wine !

Vineyeards everywhere ! Chateaux - also everywhere.

A visit to the vineyards is a pleasure in many ways.  The landscapes are just fantastic - this countryside is ideal for a bicycle trip - it is great way to explore the little villages, meet the locals, experience the 'couleur locale'... 
The landscapes are dotted with castles (chateaux) , which makes the experience sometimes like being in a fairy tale.  A lot of these 'chateaux' can be visited, often a guided tour with explanation about the wine making process and wine tasting is offered - this is really the good life ! A little word of warning however : it can become hot , very hot, and when with a bicycle, one better not exagerate wine tasting along the way...

Real caves, full of wine bottles... ... and barrels !

But don't worry , the good life can be continued when one comes back in the evening and can enjoy the richness of the French cuisine.  Oysters, 'Foie gras', different 'PatÚs', of course with the appropriate choice of Bordeaux wine...it is difficult to make a choice from the menu here and did I mention the deserts yet ?  Many nice restaurants, often at great locations with a nice atmosphere.  And dfter dinner a nice stroll in town, watch the sun set, and then a nightcap in  the hotel - good life can be simple ! 

Bordeaux, a place to remember and return to !

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